Step into a world where art meets beauty. Inspired by the idea that time is not a constant, ÉLÉVATIONE Time Stops, invites you to disregard the rules of aging


ÉLÉVATIONE™️ Time Stops is inspired by the Spanish artist’s masterpiece “El Triomf i el Rodoli de la Gala i en Dali”.

Just as Salvador Dali never drew a straight line when he could create a curve, ÉLÉVATIONE refuses to play by the rules and to accept that youth lost can’t be found.

ÉLÉVATIONE™️ takes an avant-garde, cosmetic artistic approach to stop time and restore youthful appearance.


ÉLÉVATIONE, a leading international boutique experience brand, situated in the heart of London provides individually tailored facial treatments to help you achieve clear and healthy skin.

At our luxury wellness center, we focus on a full-spectrum approach, combining the best of natural ingredients with advanced technology.

At our disposal, the most highly advanced equipment to offer optimized results and attend any skin concern such as: Radio-Frequency, Micro-Needling, IPL or Needle-free Mesotherapy. We will allow you to stop time and control your own destiny.